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6 Awesome Fun Facts About Pumpkins

FUN FACT#1 Pumpkins are native to North America and are grown all around the world, except for Antarctica. FUN FACT#2 Most commercial pumpkins are grown by pollination from honeybees.   FUN FACT#3 The United States grows around a billion and a half pounds of pumpkins…

5 Awesome Fun Facts About BUTTERFLIES

FUN FACT#1 Butterflies have four wings that fly in a figure eight motion.   FUN FACT#2 When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly it’s called the “metamorphosis” . FUN FACT#3 Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet. FUN FACT#4 Butterflies have long tube-like tongues…

How To Make Great Granola : Recipes for Adventure 5/5 (12)

“We love to make this granola because it’s healthy, satisfying and most importantly…it’s tasty. It goes great with fruit, milk, yogurt, or even by itself. There are so many great granola variations but this recipe brings cashews, almonds, raisins and currents into the mix…

6 Awesome Fun Facts About WATERMELONS

  FunFact#1 Watermelons originate from Africa. FunFact#2 In Australia, a species of watermelons are called “pig melons” and are considered to be an invasive plant.   FunFact#3 Watermelons are made up of approximately 90% water.   FunFact#4 China is the largest producer of watermelons…

8 Awesome Fun Facts About APPLES

  FunFact#1 The apple tree is believed to be the first tree ever cultivated.   FunFact#2 Apple trees originate from Asia and were brought to North America. FunFact#3 Apple skin is protected by a layer of epicuticular wax.   FunFact#4 Apples have more genomes…

8 Awesome Fun Facts about ORANGES

FUN FACT#1 One orange has more than 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement.   FUN FACT#2 Oranges are not a wild fruit, they are a hybrid of pomelos and mandarins. FUN FACT#3 Oranges were first cultivated in Asia.   FUN FACT#4 Oranges are…

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