Combining Safety, Learning and Fun All-In-One!

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Join the Adventure TODAY!

This book is about ADVENTURE!

It is about LEARNING!

Most importantly it is about SAFETY!


“The goal of this book is to teach kids about the beautiful outdoors and to learn about some of the wonderful wildlife in North America, but it also has a message of staying safe and the importance of family .”



The Adventures of Liz in the Wild Woods is a terrific teaching tool for kids, and presents a spectacular opportunity to learn the responsibilities of enjoying a safe trip to the rural outdoors.

This book follows an inexperienced little girl named Liz, who has to make a lot of big decisions, demonstrating the importance of teaching some basic safety TO-DO’s and NOT-TO-DO’s for children.


Join us on our adventure into the WILD WOODS while we LEARN, and we HAVE FUN too!


You can find B.G. Baire and the Adventures of Liz on:


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