THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER EVERYBODY! The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED animated series “The Adventures of Liz in the Wild Woods” is HERE! Come and join us on our adventure through the woods while we have fun and learn about animals, plants but, most of all safety. Enjoy the adventure!

Season 1 – Episode 1 “The Checklist”

Liz and her dad check their list to make sure that they don’t forget any important items before their great adventure.

Season 1 – Episode 2 “The Butterfly – Pt.1”

In this episode Liz and her dad find a beautiful butterfly and learn about metamorphosis.


Season 1 – Episode 3 “The Butterfly Pt.2”

In this episode Liz and her dad learn about butterflies eating habits.

HOW TO MAKE GRANOLASeason 1 – Episode 4 “Snack Time”

Liz gets hungry, it’s snack time! Can you guess what Liz has for her snack? HINT: the recipe is below……. For the recipe from this episode go to:GET THE RECIPE HERE


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